Lux Atenea Webzine - Review of Rasplyn's 'Priestess of the Goddess' single


"The magnificent single by Rasplyn, “Priestess of the Goddess" was released on September 2nd through the prestigious label, Alrealon Musique. Music lovers can enjoy a wonderfully seductive musical style and avant-garde experimental spirit where the taste for the delicacy and harmony in sonic detail lead us to dive into a magical world populated by richly neoclassical melodies and instrumental passages of sublime beauty. Proof of this musical art in composition is “Priestess of the Goddess", where the spiritual and shamanic spell has been harmonized with absolute mastery of current neoclassical folk…A mix of an environmentally tribal Eastern philosophical perfume amid a melodic instrumental backdrop that inexorably charms you…

Moving away from classical instrument basis, in the dazzling track “Yetzer Ra/Derech Hashem" checks closely as musical charm continues to live its magic despite the most modern instrumental twist given to its structure. A sublime composition, hopelessly fall in love with them for their melodic elegance inspired by the creative spirit that characterizes Rasplyn and JOHN 3:16 increasingly pooling their talents to give life to a new topic. “Yetzer Ra/Derech Hashem" will touch them, absorb them, take them to another dimension where music and sensory spirit vibrate in perfect harmony amidst this universal level, hence the feeling of experiencing something transcendent and pure for the attentive hearing this single…"