Mark Barton on "Scenes Through the Magic Eye" in his review of the Square Peg in a Round Hole Compilation Vol.4


"We’ve been hearing good reports about Carolyn O’Neill sadly without actually being blessed with hearing anything, that small and puzzling detail is I’m happy to report at an end what with the appearance on our headsets of ’scenes through the magic eye’ which sees her shimmying up to Rasplyn for some classically crafted surrealist orchestrations which appear to ID the current sonic styling recently appreciated on Philippe Petit’s amazing ’extraordinary tales of a lemon girl’ trilogy the final part of which has been on the must commit to review list for way to long. Absolutely beautiful stuff spliced with the woozy wood chipped enchantment and winter bound flavouring of Vernon Elliott and the subtle masking of Bernard Herrmann like tension. Something you’d imagine blossoming to life by way of the accompaniment of one of those strange eastern European animations from the 70’s."