Music Rev1ew - Album Review: Scenes Through the Magic Eye

11/18/2014 - Translated from Italian

"It is not easy to talk about Scenes Through the Magic Eye and I anticipate that I will do a review track by track because these details have so made with the magnifying glass to try to describe these poems would end with him distort the beauty of work itself.

Rasplyn is the name of the solo project of Carolyn O'Neill and proposes a hybrid genre that contains many classical influences, but also ambient and in general of all the music that is defined as atmospheric.

What emerges is an album full of determination with each track you can listen from the first to the last second, not only without difficulty, but with an immense pleasure. I say this because it is almost never easy to be able to find a record of well 7 tracks where these are all valid, well Scenes Through the Magic Eye is the exception.

On the production you mean? Everything is spotless and well developed , a job slap that really can only make us crazy.

I leave the link for listening to this true work :"