The Hideout

10.31.15| 9:00pm

Chicago, IL US

HALLOWEEN MUSIC 9PM $10 BLACK BEAR COMBO Black Bear Combo is a four to six member brass/reed band. Our sound is a raucous mutt channeling the common energy between traditional music from eastern Europe and the Balkans, punk rock, and free jazz. Since 2002 we've brought our sound to clubs, basements, festivals, weddings, funerals, parties and streetcorners across the country. LA COSA La Cosa is a basement rock, dirty sock of a band, but we can go synth-punk in a flash or be total divas in a goth wasteland.... However, we ALWAYS look good. And we're planning something devilish for Halloween! RASPLYN Rasplyn is the solo project of Carolyn O’Neill who uses her experience with classical composition and as a psychic reader & healer to create mystical and visual landscapes with her music. Her style is dark and cinematic, beautifully filled with textured layers influenced by world culture and mysterious natural forces. Her compositions bear moments of writhing intensity and flowing release bathed in haunting vocals. Her debut album ‘Scenes Through the Magic Eye’ was released via Mythical Records on Nov. 30th, 2014. CHARLES MANTIS - DJ Charles Mantis is a project created by Gerald Bailey featuring musicians from Chicago and throughout the world. The music is an improvised creation of electronic anti-tech soundscape, beats, trumpet and gypsy folk.


Hideout Inn 1354 W Wabansia Ave, Chicago, Illinois 60642