Elastic Arts

09.20.15| 7:00pm

Chicago, IL US

Rasplyn: Rasplyn is the solo project of Carolyn O’Neill who uses her experience with classical composition, and as a Clairvoyant Reader and Energy Healer, to create mystical and visual landscapes with her music. Carolyn is a Chicago native who grew up playing the clarinet and organ. After playing in her high school orchestra for four years, she went on to receive her degree in Music Composition from Columbia College Chicago. Her style is dark and cinematic, beautifully filled with textured layers influenced by world culture and mysterious natural forces. Her compositions bear moments of writhing intensity and flowing release bathed in haunting vocals. Her debut album, 'Scenes Through the Magic Eye', was released on Nov. 30th, 2014 via Mythical Records. www.rasplyn.com http://rasplyn.bandcamp.com/ https://soundcloud.com/rasplyn Akosuen: Akosuen /aa-KOZ-i-win/ is the solo project of Billie Howard (The Paver, NbN Trio, a.pe.ri.od.ic, Wrekmeister Harmonies), using sound and video to explore emotional extremes portrayed through musical dynamics: very soft, near silence and extremely loud amplified sounds. Using prepared piano, strings, synthesizers and digital effects, Akosuen creates electroacoustic compositions designed to initiate a meditative state of inner focus and abandonment of thought via stimulation. http://akosuen.tumblr.com/ https://soundcloud.com/akosuen https://www.facebook.com/akosuen Lykanthea: Lykanthea is the stage name of Lakshmi Ramgopal, a solo ambient musician from Chicago whose haunting, dreamy sounds debuted in her 2014 release Migration. Praised by Noisey, MTV Iggy, Chicago Reader and Impose, she alchemizes spectral vocals and synths to form transient, enveloping worlds. http://www.lykanthea.com/ http://lykanthea.bandcamp.com/ https://vimeo.com/lykanthea/ Volutes: Volutes is the musical project of Chicago-based Christina Dennaoui. Playing music for over two decades, her training began with jazz trumpet and guitar and has evolved to include electronic music production and composition. Volutes's sound is a mélange of Middle Eastern drones and rhythms, minimal techno, jazz and field recordings. Her work places an emphasis on textures and atmospheres, all while creating musical environments that are aurally pleasing and highly danceable. http://www.volutesmusic.com/ volutes.bandcamp.com


3429 W. Diversey, #208, Chicago, IL 60647