Cafe Mustache

08.29.15| 8:00pm

Chicago, IL US

Laughing Eye Weeping Eye's Album Release Show with Rasplyn & Columba Fasciata! Laughing Eye Weeping Eye's music exists somewhere between the black soil of earth and the void. These are songs that travel through the unknown and esoteric. Like her Tarot readings, Rebecca Schoenecker leads us through the arcane, with lush vocals from gothic cathedrals and harmonium played in secret rooms. Patrick Holbrook, her consort, adds organ inspired keyboard drones and strings via ukelin and turkish spike fiddle. The mundane mixes with the alchemical; the flesh transverses the metaphysical. The result is chilling and sparse. Columba Fasciata is the project of Whitney Allen, Nick Hagen, and Mark Fragassi, who are also members of the art punk band Toupée. These songs come from their cobwebby corners, delving deeper into the psychedelic after hours. Allen's haunting vocals deftly hover over the delicate guitar lines that are the melodic center. Staggered drum machine rhythms fill out the sound and lend to all of the songs a strangeness that contrasts wonderfully with the dreamy pop atmosphere throughout. Rasplyn is the solo project of Carolyn O’Neill who uses her experience with classical composition, and as a Clairvoyant Reader and Energy Healer, to create mystical and visual landscapes with her music. Her style is dark and cinematic, beautifully filled with textured layers influenced by world culture and mysterious natural forces. Her compositions bear moments of writhing intensity and flowing release bathed in haunting vocals.


2313 N Milwaukee Ave., Chicago IL