01.24.15| 5:00 PM - 2:00AM

Chicago, IL US

▲The Dreamwalk ▼ As we move deeper into the Age of the Feminine (Aquarius), we are also moving deeper into the energy of the 5th chakra- our Truth is wanting to be heard and actualized. What is your WILDEST Dream? -Waking or Sleeping- we welcome you to Manifest it into reality for 2015 at the ManifeSTATION. Its a night of Dreams, Dreamwalking and Surrealism… Join us for an evening in a dream as we say bon voyage to a Dreamwalker of our tribe. Penny leaves February 1st to live out her dream of seeing the world and getting her yoga teacher training in India. As she prepares for the journey of a lifetime, she will be taking you on a dreamlike experience into the current surreal state of her psyche at this time through performance art, poetry and music. ________________________________________________ 5-7pm :::COMMEDIA DELL’ARTE WORKSHOP::: CATHERINE LYNCH brings to the Manifestation an exploration of Commedia Dell'Arte . Catherine currently teaches improvisation through theatre games and scene study at The Piven Theatre Workshop in Evanston, Illinois. She was inspired to teach a workshop rooted in commedia dell’arte having learned from Mikalina Rabinsky and after taking Shira Piven’s workshop where she applies this work to help prisoners. The work Shira Piven has done with Tim Robbins and Sabra Williams from the Actors Gang has been transformational for the inmates because it increases self-esteem and tolerance and reduces recidivism. This two-hour workshop is designed to inspire and to awaken our understanding of the emotional states: Anger, Fear, Happiness and Sadness. Commedia is a form of theatre characterized by masked “types” so we will have masks and costumes available but please feel free to come in COSTUME! :::OPEN MIC POETRY | DREAM STORY-TELLING::: Share your dreams- waking or sleeping- dreaming is a connection with your higher self, the more you talk about your dreams the closer you are to attaining your Truth. FEATURED POETS: Penny L. Gac Lauren Kruz Sir Jove Sammi Skolmoski Lauren Fleming Tiffany Trezzo :::MYSTICAL MUSIC PERFORMANCES INCLUDE::: RASPLYN (Carolyn O'Neill): Dark, mystical, beautiful and filled with textured layers influenced by world culture and fantasy. Her performance captures moments of intensity and release flowing beneath haunting vocal elements. CHANDRABALA (Stephanie Starnes): Haunting electronic music and sacred mantra. _______________________________________________ Dream Manifesting Tricks & Treats The man, the myth, the Chicago Shamanic Legend, John Sacelli, will be available throughout the evening for AngeLynx card readings and dream interpretations so please bring funds if you're interested in receiving his gifts. There will be a fire blazing all night- we will have you write down your biggest dream- and then burn it. Fire is the element of transformation, by intentionally offering your dream to the fire, it will allow for the energies to mix and move in the direction of your dreams. ~ Witchy craft cocktails provided by Uncle Eli’s Panic Room~ _______________________________________________ $$$ Love Donations $$$ for Penny's Travels is requested however no one will be turned away for lack of funds. Feel free to also bring food or drink to share in lieu of donation. We will open up the front gates at 4 and begin promptly at 5:00 PM - Once you enter the side gate walk through to the 2nd set of stairs on the RIGHT and walk up the stairs to the attic space. We have some mats and pillows but feel free to bring something comfy to sit/lay on to get your dream state on. Parking on Bloomingdale and Wabansia and also on Humboldt (which is also Sacramento) south of Wabansia. Love + Light, ~ Penny ~ ____________________________________________ Contact Penny or Lauren w/ any questions or if the gate is closed when you arrive. Penny: 773.844.4421 Lauren: 773.986.2820


ManifeSTATION 1750 N. Humboldt Blvd:: Attic Space